News Clips for April 12, 2019

Meet the scientist painter who turns deadly viruses into beautiful works of art

HIV, Ebola, and Zika are ugly, nasty viruses. David Goodsell makes them look beautiful, even alluring. And the unusual precision of his depictions is driven by science—some of it his own research.

The Most Common Health Concerns in Your 20s, 30s, and Beyond

For most people, your 20s are actually the time when you experience the fewest health problems—but there’s a catch: you have to be proactive about taking care of yourself.

Sundance Film Festival co-founder charged with sex abuse

A Utah filmmaker who co-founded the Sundance Film Festival and produced an Oscar-winning movie in the mid-1980s has been charged with sexual abuse of a young girl.

Need to report a hate crime? There's an app for that now

The FBI reported there was a 17 percent spike in the number of hate crimes in its most recently published 2017 report; but the number is likely to be higher due to inconsistencies in victims reporting incidents to police and police reporting to federal authorities.

USU partners with UofU in legal cannabis research

Two leading universities in the state, University of Utah and Utah State University, are collaborating in legal hemp research.

Income-share agreements–yay or nay?

You may have heard about income-share agreements (ISA), but what exactly are they?

Help for new mothers–Program designed to help suffering postpartum

Postpartum depression is a challenge that affects approximately 13 percent of Utah moms, but oftentimes they don’t have the resources needed to address it.