News Clips for April 11, 2019

The Surprising Sound Source of Birds

Every air-breathing vertebrate possesses a larynx which is similar to a structure of muscles and folds that protects the trachea and in many animals, vibrates and modulates to produce a stunning array of sounds.

Virtual Reality Offers Benefits for Parkinson's Disease Patients

Researchers are reporting early success with a new tool to help people with Parkinson's disease improve their balance and potentially decrease falls with high-tech help: virtual reality. After practicing with a virtual reality system for six weeks, people with Parkinson's disease demonstrated improved obstacle negotiation and balance along with more confidence navigating around obstacles in their path.

Bungee cord to the eye causes man's iris to collapse

For an entire week, the man had pain in his left eye as well as blurred double vision. Finally, the 48-year-old, who requested anonymity, visited National Taiwan University Hospital in Taipei. A brief physical examination by Dr. Wei Li Chen and Dr. Chia-Chieh Hsiao, physicians and researchers in the hospital's Department of Ophthalmology, revealed left eyelid bruising and an artfully, if painfully, distorted left pupil.

New App Lets People Anonymously Report Hate Crimes And Speech

As the number of active white nationalist groups continues to rise across the country and the Mountain West, researchers at the University of Utah have unveiled a new app that lets people anonymously report hate crimes and speech.

Keeping Utah tech sector aloft will take some work, experts say

Utah's tech rocket ship continues to amass stellar benchmarks and growth statistics, but a pair of tech experts warned Wednesday that failure to address pressing issues like employment diversity, rising housing costs, traffic congestion and poor air quality could bring the voyage back down to Earth.

Student develops helmet for people with cochlear implant

Remy Eichner is aware that life can feel limiting for people with severe hearing loss. So when she discovered a product that provided more freedom, she took hold of the opportunity.

Here's your healthy home checklist this allergy season

Allergies are already attacking, and with flu projected to lurk through May, families are battling dangerous allergens, bugs and bacteria infesting their homes! Many of those microbes enter on purses and shoes (think about where you walked today, or surfaces you touched!). Healthy home experts from AdvantaClean said if you want to keep your allergies at bay, there's a simple checklist you can follow.