News Clips for April 11-13, 2020

Commentary: Coronavirus response is how we should be facing climate change

We live in frightening times. Shelves stand barren in grocery stores, whilst an invisible enemy threatens our lives and the lives of our loved ones. Yet, the COVID-19 pandemic is not the only catastrophe affecting Utah right now.

‘You Could Lick the Benches’: Life for the First Wave of U.S. Survivors

As the rest of the nation shelters in place, the first Americans to recover from the virus test drive immunity.

Utah researchers examining mucus to pave way for coronavirus treatment

University of Utah biomedical researchers received a $200,000 federal grant to study mucus’ role in spreading coronaviruses to potentially open the door to a treatment for COVID-19.

Gordon Smith and Elizabeth Kronk Warner: Utah opens the way for new lawyers to begin their service

The COVID-19 pandemic is creating an unprecedented need for access to legal professionals in Utah. Businesses are closing, people are losing jobs, and many Utahns need help with housing, food, health care, insurance, and government assistance. Our criminal justice system is stressed, and access to civil justice is further out of reach for many.

Pharmacist who’s amassed malaria drugs has ear of Utah leaders about COVID-19 treatment

A Utah pharmacist says he has amassed ingredients for medication to use against the coronavirus and has talked with state leaders about a distribution plan, even as health experts across the nation stress the meager evidence of the malaria drug’s efficacy.

Are you experiencing coronavirus symptoms? Here’s the first thing Utahns should do.

As the number of confirmed coronavirus cases in Utah continues to rise, health officials are now pleading that all residents with a fever, a cough or difficulty breathing get tested.

U. to conduct virtual graduation on April 30

The University of Utah will conduct a “virtual” general commencement on April 30 and traditional college convocations will be held on Dec. 18 and 19 in lieu of traditional spring commencement events.

‘We’re living through history’: University of Utah documenting life during COVID-19 pandemic

Each empty store shelf, curbside pick up and day working at home is part of history. Utah’s response to COVID-19 will one day be in the history books, said Anna Neatrour, the Digital Initiative Librarian for the J. Willard Marriott Library.

Do face masks really reduce coronavirus spread? Experts have mixed answers.

For the first time, the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has recommended that even seemingly healthy people wear masks over their mouths and noses when venturing out of their homes into places where it is difficult to maintain distance from other people.

Fed's Quarles: 'Main Street' Loans Like Two to Three Weeks Off as Details Finalized

Federal Reserve vice chair Randal Quarles said Friday that it would probably be another two to three weeks before the Fed's new loan program for mid-sized companies is up and running.

Scientists Found a 60,000-year-old Forest Underwater — and It Could Improve People's Lives in the Long Run

A recent discovery near the Gulf of Mexico could mean some new scientific developments that could improve our daily lives.

Rick B. Larsen and Patrice Onwuka: Youth mental health hangs in balance. Philanthropy can help.

American is facing unprecedented challenges. In just a few weeks, COVID-19 has changed nearly every facet of American life. Even as we hopefully look to the time when social distancing and shelter-in-place orders are over, our country – and our state – will not return to the same normal.

Lessons Learned From Running ICUs in Disaster Zones

We talked to a doctor about what hospitals in the throes of the coronavirus epidemic could learn from far less developed hospital systems in times of crisis and came away with three main points.

SLC biotech company looking for therapeutic antibodies

A new machine made by a Salt Lake City company could dramatically speed up the process to curb or even stop the spread of COVID 19, and it has a big backer.

Is Dove Soap Actually Soap?

A Slate investigation into a question I never thought would matter quite this much.

Doctors ask state prisons to donate lethal injection drugs to help treat coronavirus

The ongoing pandemic is not only causing hospitals to run low on equipment, but they're running out of vital medication, too. Now, doctors are asking states to give up their lethal injection drugs for coronavirus treatments. These drugs, doctors say, could help hundreds of people.