News Clips for April 10, 2019

Virtual reality system ‘could combat symptoms of Parkinson’s disease’

A virtual reality system could combat the symptoms of Parkinson’s disease, according to a new study. Patients walked over virtual objects on a treadmill – and researchers claim it could help improve balance.

New App Lets People Anonymously Report Hate Crimes And Speech

As the number of active white nationalist groups continues to rise across the country and the Mountain West, researchers at the University of Utah have unveiled a new app that lets people anonymously report hate crimes and speech.


Every year, Utah Business Magazine honors the HR professionals who are working hard to foster culture, growth, and happiness in the workplace in our annual HR Achievement Awards. These professionals have gone beyond the call of duty to make their companies a great place to work and their dedication to their jobs is something inspirational for all.

Two Utah companies are criticized for a lack of diversity in their ads, and experts say businesses need to be more inclusive

A new marketing campaign from a Provo-based swimsuit company looks to celebrate each day’s “little victories” in 12 video interviews with Utah women “from all walks of life.” The problem? Nine of the women are blonde and all appear to be white.