News Clips Dec. 15-17, 2018

Ingestible robot can be monitored from outside body by Bluetooth

The capsule could deliver drugs as well as sense the condition of its surroundings in the gut, including infections or allergic reactions, the researchers explained.

Taxpayers lose big in pretrial jail costs, justice advocates call for bail reform

The jury box in the Utah County courthouse where proceedings are about to begin is full, but not with jurors. The seats are filled with handcuffed defendants dressed in brightly colored garb that could be mistaken for nurses’ scrubs if not printed with “Utah County Jail” in capital letters across their backs.

In our opinion: It shouldn't take another study to clean Utah's air

As if poor air quality wasn’t linked to enough health concerns ranging from increased risk of heart attack, stroke, asthma to premature birth, University of Utah scientists are raising another red flag: Bad air could increase the risk of miscarriage.

Social work expert disagrees with federal law enforcers about sex offender treatment

A University of Utah social work professor and therapist disagrees with the state’s top federal law enforcement officials' assessment that treatment for child sex offenders doesn’t work. Rob Butters, who has also worked as a probation officer, said it's unfortunate they made the statement in a public forum because "it's simply not true."

In our opinion: Research, resources and compassion will stem rising suicide rates

New research revealing a potential genetic link to suicidal behavior is an interesting advance in understanding the reasons why people choose to take their own lives and may eventually have value in the area of prevention. Efforts like this are necessary in trying to unravel the mystery of high suicide rates in Utah and in other areas, and why rates among some age groups continue to rise.

‘Where you can go to pee without people harassing you’: University of Utah students, LGBT center staffers audit campus restrooms for private spaces

When Bethany Runsten peered down a short hallway on the second floor and saw the restroom at the end, her eyes lit up. “Yay,” she declared, partly excited but mostly exhausted after searching the building for 15 minutes. “We finally found one.” Also covered in the Gay Star News

New figures show fewer Mormons in Utah’s biggest county

Fewer than half the residents of Salt Lake County belong to the Mormon church, according to new figures that illustrate how Utah’s largest county is becoming more religiously diverse.

‘All industrial units should have wastewater treatment facility’

Karachi: According to relevant rules and regulations, all industrial units must have a waste treatment plant, said Water Commission (WC) Chief Justice (r) Amir Hani Muslim while speaking as a chief guest in the first session of a seminar on ‘Industrial Wastewater Management’ on Saturday. Also covered in The Express Tribune, Business Recorder, The News.

Police need help identifying U of U robber

The University of Utah Police Department is asking for the public's help identifying a man who robbed another man in the parking lot of the Marriott Library. According to a press release from the University of Utah Department of Public Safety, the suspect and the victim were in the University Book Store.