News Clips | August 3, 2021

Conservation and curb appeal: Striking a balance with water-wise gardening

Xeriscaping and using native plants has benefits—including increasing the biodiversity of one’s garden—that go beyond “the collective effort to make Utah more drought-resilient.”

Does mandating masks violate free speech rights? Utah Sen. Mike Lee seems to thinks so

Sen. Mike Lee has added a new argument to his effort to end a federal mask mandate on public transportation and in other settings. The Utah Republican raised the notion in a weekend post on his personal Facebook page that requiring people to wear masks might violate the right to free speech.

How 4 Black Gymnasts Style Their Hair for Competition

On top of performing impressive tumbling feats, gymnasts, like many athletes, have to consider how their hairstyle plays into the competition. We asked four top gymnasts to share the stories behind their looks.

'It's still kind of a shock': Enoch declares emergency as cleanup from floods begins across Utah

At least 2.5 inches and as much as 4 inches of rain dumped over the eastern half of Enoch on Sunday, causing widespread flooding that damaged more than 200 homes, city officials said Monday.

Think you know Red Butte Garden? Here are 5 new ways to look at it

The Salt Lake City attraction has more to offer than just flowers.

University of Utah joins center to help world’s top scientific facilities manage their data

The world’s most important scientific facilities, from the CERN Large Hadron Collider to the National Radio Astronomy Observatory, deal with massive amounts of data every day that are mined, stored, analyzed and visualized. It’s a colossal task that requires help from the top minds in data management to handle.

'A second chance': Utah nonprofit, law enforcement save 500th life from opioid overdose

Dr. Jennifer Plumb and Sam Plumb lost their brother to a heroin overdose in 1996, and for almost twenty years they watched the issue in Utah get worse and worse as other states rolled out programs to distribute naloxone kits and save lives.

Here’s how to protect your kids against the Delta variant

The COVID-19 Delta variant is as contagious as chickenpox and contributing to a surge of cases, hospitalizations, and deaths in almost every state, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, CDC.

Lenders, debt collectors got millions in pandemic bailouts — even as some pressed Utahns to pay up

Utah collectors and payday lenders filed tens of thousands of court cases against state residents during the pandemic.

One summer storm doesn’t end Utah’s drought, weather expert says

Most of Utah’s water comes from mountain snow, according to University of Utah professor.

Workers’ Financial Stress Is Rising. Can Corporate Programs Help?

More and more, larger employers are offering “wellness” programs that can coach people to better manage their money, combining digital tools and a human touch.