News Clips | August 13, 2021

Minorities now make up nearly a quarter of Utah’s population—and the actual number may be higher

Hispanics account for 15% of the state as the state grows more diverse.

University of Utah offers a first look inside the $80-million south end zone expansion at Rice-Eccles Stadium

The revamped facility will increase capacity by 4,500, and provides new locker room facilities for players.

Study: These ancient straight-shelled cephalopods lived the vertical life

Using virtual and 3-D-printed models can "de-fossilize" creatures of the past.

Utah doctors warn how fast COVID could spread in classrooms this fall

Supporters of the Salt Lake County Council’s decision Thursday to overturn the health department’s mask order for elementary students are celebrating. While opponents are expressing disappointment and worry.

The Great Resignation: Burnout—and opportunity—are driving record wave of quitting

I quit. The refrain has been picked up by millions of U.S. workers who are, amid ongoing pandemic conditions, leaving their jobs at a pace never before seen.

Utah Researchers Say Certain Video Games Help Mental Health In Adults

Neuroscientists from the University of Utah have recently found that certain video games can improve the mental health of some older adults.

Kaysville movie theatre struggles amid pandemic

Kaysville Theatre is known for their popcorn, family friendly environment and less expensive movie tickets, general manager Lisa Call said. Unfortunately, ticket sales are down about 65 percent.