News Clips | April 22, 2021

U of U creates enhanced campus safety website

In an effort to improve campus safety, the University of Utah created a new website to stay current on the latest safety news and easily find important resources.

Our digital distrust of high-tech gizmos

Over the decades there have always been people who decry the loss of simpler times. Booth Tarkington’s novel, “The Magnificent Ambersons,” suggests that the advent of motor vehicles ruined everything. James Whitcomb Riley seems to have regretted the demise of small towns and rural lifestyles.

10 Outstanding Routines That Defined the 2021 NCAA Gymnastics Season

Maile O'Keefe, a sophomore at the University of Utah, scored a perfect 10 on beam on Jan. 30 (she went on to receive co-champion national titles on floor and bars over the weekend). Her aerial to back layout stepout is rock-solid, and she looks nothing but confident.

Cash payments spread from Congress to Stockton to Brazil, but notion of 'universal basic income’ far from reality

When this central valley city of 300,000, far removed from the wealth and coastal vibes of the Bay Area, became the first in the country to try out what it called a “guaranteed income” program in 2017, it became a nationwide sensation.

Women’s COVID job crisis was more predictable than we thought

The unemployment crisis now facing female caregivers was arguably pretty predictable. Subtract in-person school, nurseries, and adult-care providers from the equation, keep work responsibilities constant, and—poof!—you've got real devastation on your hands.

Vaccine side effects after COVID-19 shot are common but mostly mild

Almost 80% of the people getting vaccinations for COVID-19 have a sore arm at the site of the injection. And that’s the most common of the vaccine side effects patients experience.

Earth Day: Where Utah Stands on Wildfires, Air Quality and Drought

Our climate is changing. We can keep arguing about what’s causing it or whose fault it is (or isn’t) and what we should be doing about it, but the reality is our Earth is a different place than it was one million years ago, 100 years ago and even one year ago.

No obvious signs COVID-19 vaccines are unsafe for pregnant women, study finds

A University of Utah doctor is sharing potentially life-saving information for pregnant women and their children.

Utah makes major progress for women's representation in higher education leadership roles

In 2014, 12.5% of presidents of degree-granting colleges and universities in Utah were women. In 2017 that number had grown to 25%. Today, 50% of the presidents are women.