News Clips | April 20, 2021

Utah kids experiencing abuse still need help from trusted adults as COVID-19 continues, doctor says

There were fewer reports of child abuse in 2020 in the Beehive State, but it will take time to fully understand the effects the pandemic has had on families, according to Dr. Antoinette Laskey.

Utah manufacturing holding strong despite pandemic impacts

The state’s manufacturing sector is among the strongest economically, a recent report says, even with the turmoil wrought by the coronavirus outbreak.

Can Utah ignore federal laws that restrict gun rights? Lawmakers are asking

Rep. Cory Maloy worked on legislation during the 2021 session but was scuttled as bill to remove permits for concealed carry passed.

Allergy season is getting longer and more intense

If you are one of the millions of Americans who struggle with allergies, you may find your symptoms lasting longer and worsening. The culprit? Warmer temperatures, which are leading to a lengthened allergy season and more pollen in the air.